Sokrates Dashboard App
A digital dashboard and teaching assistant exclusively for teachers
Convenient connection: Close connections with HiTeach Pro and HiTeach TBL via Wi-Fi

Lecture assistance: Real-time report of statistics for teachers to guide students more smartly

Golden triangle: Realizing Smarter Classroom with the golden triangle of HiTeach, HiLearning for students, and Sokrates Dashboard App for teachers

Sokrates Dashboard App Smarter Classroom assistive system is for the application of HiTeach Pro or HiTeach TBL in the teaching activities in TEAM Model Smarter Classroom. The digital dashborad provides teachers with rich activity and learning portfolio statistics information during teaching activities, enabling teachers to guide students in a Smarter way.

Information Hiding:

Without show selection to check the answers by each student, teachers can see students' thought process in Sokrates Dashboard App, and students will not be influenced by the interactive whiteboard.

Easy access to all information:

1. Remote control of HiTeach
2. View real-time ideas and feedbacks on stedent-end, HiLearning

Information hiding and parallel processing principle:

Teachers can view students' thinking process on Sokrates Dashboard App, so that students are not influenced by the information on the interactive whiteboard.
1. IRS show selection
2. IRS result bar chart preview
3. Statistical chart preview
4. Easy incorporation of PI (Peer Instruction)
5. Quick lesson preparation tool for class activities


1. More diverse IRS real-time feedback statistical and analytical information .
2. Learning status dashboard.