HiTeach - Interactive Teaching Software
Integrates IWB, DC and IRS seamlessly.
HiTeach is awarded the Taiwan Excellence 2011, Computex Taipei 2011 Best Choice Award Jury's Special, and the 18th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award.

Attains the ICE concept – Intellegence, Conveinience and Efficiency.

  • Excellent HiTeach enables more excellent teaching.
  • HiTeach wins the Taiwan Excellence 2011
  • HiTeach wins Computex Taipei 2011 BC Award
  • Let your classroom more than smarter.

HiTeach interactive teaching software is an innovative and multifunctional teaching system; it is built to break through the situation where educational software and devices can only be used alone but not in combination with each other. HiTeach is a teaching software which seamlessly integrates IWB(Interactive Whiteboard), DC (Document Camera or Visualizer) and IRS (Interactive Response System). Teachers can teach with more ease and convenience by simply combining the different devices and make use of the combination.

HiTeach interactive teaching system represents a key component of the TEAM Model smarter classroom. It is easy to use and possesses powerful integrating ability. Its powerful features have led to the winning of several prizes, which include the Taiwan Excellence 2011, Computex Taipei 2011 Best Choice Award Jury’s Special and the 18th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award.


- Seamlessly integrates IWB, DC and IRS.

Integration and voting
3-in-1 integration of equipments by HiTeach.

- Movable and editable toolbar.
- Abundant widget and material pool.
- Search and input of resources from internet.

Links to cloud resources
Links to cloud resources

- Accommodates multimedia objects.
- Multi-image comparison.

Multi-image comparison

- Time-lapse filming.
- Instant assessment and statistics.


- Interactive and multimedia teaching.
- Implements innovative instructions.
- Formative and summative assessments.
- Triggers small-group discussions.
- Anonymous voting.
- Real-time projection of objects and demonstrations.

Supports Haboard

- Comes in different sizes.
- Quick button on the sides.
- Anti-glare touch surface.
- Smooth writing and operation.
- Pen- and hand-based touch.

Supports ezVision

- Flexible gooseneck arm and rotating camera.
- High resolution and 96X total zoom.
- Portable size and weight.
- Hands-free auto focus.
- Environmentally friendly LED light.

Supports IRS

- Card-sized and light-weighted remote.
- Real-time responses and statistics.
- Up to 1000 simultaneous participants.
- Dongle receiver with memory storage.
- Automatically generates learning diagnostic reports.