Interactive Classrooms and Diagnosis of Students' Performance Seminar

A significant event was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, not only containing extreme wisdom, but also inspiring people with their perspectives of the education for today and tomorrow!

Interactive Classrooms and Diagnosis of Students' Performance Seminar took place at 30 Bratya Miladinovi School on April 21st, which symbolized the final stage of the one-year pilot project for 5 schools from Sofia City. During the event, Dr. Reyha, principal of 30 School, led a team of teachers from 3rd, 5th and 10th grade to present their innovative teaching models and achievements with TEAM Model Smarter Classroom in 1-to-1, which provided more opportunities for students' varieties through one student one tablet and helped teachers find out students' weakness and strengths scientifically with efficiency. Teachers from other pilot schools also shared their implementing experiences that classroom became more interactive, students became more engaged, and teachers became more able to manage each student's learning condition. Furthermore, Dr. Sams Wang, VP of AClass, was invited to give a keynote to highlight the educational values of the project as well as encouraged all schools to ponder on the essence of education and that the teacher's role is not to pour into funnel but to facilitate people to seek and learn.

To thank AClass for bringing the transformation in teaching and learning in Sofia City, Sofia's Regional Department of Education and 134 School's Principal Ms. Vesela (on behalf of all pilot schools) presented Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Sams Wang to show their sincere appreciation. On April 21st 2017 closed the final stage of the one-to-one pilot project with Sofia's 5 schools, but also opened a new start for smarter education in Sofia, Bulgaria!

*5 Pilot Schools of AClass' One-to-One Project with Sofia City:
138 Prof. Vasil Zlatarski School-->
51 Elisaveta Bagryana School-->
1 Pencho Slaveykov School-->
2 Akademik Emilian Stanev School-->
30 Bratya Miladinovi School-->