2nd Cross-Strait Smarter Lecture Invitational on April 26th-28th

To be well-prepared for the upcoming 2nd Cross-Strait Smarter Lecture Invitational on April 26th-28th, the event that accelerates teachers' professional development through team contests, Fuzhou team visited Ninghua Primary School to observe an innovative Language lecture - Super Young Makers.

Super Young Makers features learning through doing, which students are able to do works by themselves and demonstrate their true and original ideas through Fictitious Animation Makers Software. During the class, students were put into teams to discuss and use the software to add environmental effects to an animation. When finished, students took turns presenting their animation on stage and spoke the lines of the characters as their animation being played. After students' presents, teacher let students vote for their favorite work with IRS and share their opinions through random pick-out, and from students' opinions concluded the skills of describing environment and how different descriptions bring different impacts in writing.

With the support of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom in TBL, Super Young Makers fully demonstrated maker spirit, teamwork, student-centered lecture and differentiated instruction. For Fuzhou team, the visit was fruitful as well as generated more momentum for the upcoming invitational!

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