Smarter Education Events are Coming in Sofia, Bulgaria!

April 20th - Open Class Event @ 65 Sunny Childhood Kindergarten
April 21st - 1-to-1 Closing Ceremony @ 30 Bratya Miladinovi School

On April 20th, 65 Sunny Childhood Kindergarten is going to hold an Open Class Event - "Successful Models for the Introduction of Innovative Instructional Technologies in Kindergarten" to show their innovative teaching models that integrate their teaching strategies with TEAM Model Smarter Classroom (TMSC) for preschool education, which 65 Sunny Childhood, 67 Winnie the Pooh, and 47 Forget-me-not Kindergarten will take turns presenting. To help Sofia's kindergartens transform into smarter kindergartens, Dr. Sams Wang, professional in both theory and practice of ICT in education, and officials from Regional Inspectorate of Education, Ministry of Education, and Sofia Municipality will be invited to observe and give instructions.

On April 21st, 1-to-1 Closing Ceremony - "Interactive Classrooms and Diagnosis of Students' Performance" will take place at 30 Bratya Miladinovi School, which Ms. Vanya, the Director of Regional Inspectorate of Education-Sofia City, and numerous school leaders from Sofia will participate to value the importance of the event. During the event, 5 pilot schools of AClass' One-to-One Project with Sofia City will review and present their developments after 1 year's implementation of TMSC in 1-to-1.

*5 Pilot Schools of AClass' One-to-One Project with Sofia City:
138 Prof. Vasil Zlatarski School-->
51 Elisaveta Bagryana School-->
1 Pencho Slaveykov School-->
2 Akademik Emilian Stanev School-->
30 Bratya Miladinovi School-->