Thai New Year - Thai Water Festival

Every year from April 13th to 15th is Songkran, Thai New Year, which is best known as Thai Water Festival. During the holiday, celebrations can be seen in Bangkok, Phuket, and all the other cities in Thailand!

In tradition, Thais believe that water can purify people spiritually as well as use blessed water to clean bad luck from last year and bring good fortune for the New Year. Nevertheless, nowadays, Thais use water to have water fights, which people would crowd in the streets and throw water to each other or even anyone who passes by. It is actually a great time that April is the hottest month in Thailand, so people enjoy being soaked to escape from the heat and humidity.

During the three-day celebration, it is no way you can leave your hotel without being drenched, and you will soon bathe in contagious atmosphere of positivity and optimism. Even your clothes are damp and your sightseeing plans are ruined, it isimpossible to be annoyed. This is the glamour of Songkran!

(Photo by J Harrison/WikiCommons/