The Most Important Skills of Tomorrow

In the future workplace, 35% of the skills for a job today will not be applicable after 5 years according to World Economic Forum's research. Facing this changing world, what skills should our children learn today to make them succeed tomorrow? Here's the suggestion of Veronica Colondam, Founder and CEO of YCAB Foundation.

Inspired by how some of Indonesia's poorest people make a living, Veronica suggested the future workplace requires not only people with innovative and creative abilities but also entrepreneurial spirit. It would not be enough to just possess the ability to innovate, create, or collaborate. Entrepreneurial spirit was the important key. Besides of possessing innovative or collaborative ability, knowing when to apply and how they can be used in the world's context is more valued.

Facing this changing world, cultivating our children entrepreneurial spirit may help their lives go smoother, which learning entrepreneurial spirit doesn't necessarily mean they have to start a business but is the learning of how to coordinate resources in limited time as well as how to react more effectively in different circumstances.

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