Five Aspects in How to Transform a School to Be Smarter

Becoming a smarter school is the mutual picture for every school, but many school leaders are still wondering how to. Here is a good reference for you, the "Five Aspects in How to Transform a School to Be Smarter".

1st Aspect-Smarter Environment
Smarter environment refers to the system construction in the classroom. After being constructed, the classroom is upgraded to TEAM Model Smarter Classroom (TMSC). There are multiple types of TMSCs and each type has its special features, such as TMSC in IRS (Interactive Response System), TBL (Team-Based Learning), 1-to-1 (one-to-one learning), and DTMSC (Distant Learning).

Take Yusr International School (Y.I.S.) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as an example, Y.I.S. sets its goals to foster a community of high achieving learners and confidently entrepreneurial spirits as well as dedicates in providing the classes more than four-walled experiences. Therefore, the school decided to implement TMSC in 1-to-1 and assign each students one tablet for its more than 100 classrooms and 3,000 students, which achieved subject-covered, grade-covered, and school-covered scale in smarter environment!

Moreover, TMSC can connect with Instructional Expert System (IES), the cloud platform that allows big data in teaching and learning to be collected automatically and completely. With the system construction, not only does teaching and learning in the classroom becomes more intelligent, convenient, and efficient, but also the school becomes smarter and benefits its teachers and students!

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