Distance TEAM Model Smarter Classroom - Riddles

With the support of Distance TEAM Model Smarter Classroom (DTMSC), League of Cross-Districts Schools was successfully constructed. Through the league, four cross-districts schools in Taipei, Hong Kong, Chengdu, and Xiamen collaboratively prepare, learn, and study for their classes together as well as develop replicable model of distant learning for teachers' professional development.

Having met each other beforehand, Hong Kong Student Aid Society Primary School (HKSASPS) and Xiamen Tongan Yangzhai Primary School (XTYPS) had a melodious English Class of Riddles together, which Ms. Wong from HKSASPS (Main teaching) and Ms. Lee from XTYPS (Supporting teaching) led students to interact and sort out English riddles step by step. To encourage students' mutual interactions, students were put into groups to discuss and find out key words of their assigned riddles. Then, through works comparison and random pick-out, students were able to see each other's works and make a guess of riddles' answers together, which made classroom interactions further activated. After class, Ms. Wong, Ms. Lee, education experts of English and principals from both schools were gathered to study together, which they took turns giving their ideas and comments to strive for the best for their students.

Through DTMSC Project - League of Cross-Districts Schools, four cross-districts schools are able to prepare, learn, and study together, thus developing together and advancing faster! If you're interested in English Class Riddles, check the replay here: