【2015 Forum Report】Innate Modernized Smarter School - Chengdu ELDU Wisteria Primary School

In September of 2015, Chengdu ELDU Wisteria Primary School was newly completed. Under the leadership of Principal Mrs. Huang, entire school is integrated with "TEAM Model Smarter Classroom", successfully bringing modern technology into traditional classrooms. Taiwan's Smarter Education expert Professor Wu praised: "Wisteria Primary School is like a "naturally gifted" modern Smarter School, the ideal learning paradise".

Last October at the "Primary and Secondary Curriculum Innovation and Development" showcase forum, held by Chengdu City Department of Education, Wisteria Primary School's own information technology officer in charge Mr. Tien, demonstrated classroom teaching with TBL TEAM Model Team-based Learning model, revealed how students can learn while playing, having fun while learning, and thinking while having fun. This not only stimulate students' creative thinking ability, it also helps to cultivate their ability to cooperate as well as mine their interests. Wisteria Primary School will continue to develop and make progress with Smarter Classroom teaching models into the future.